Desperately Seeking: Guacamole

There are only so many things you can say about truly homemade, delicious guacamole. And that said, we can never get enough of it. While other lament the lack of “authentic” Mexican food in Boston, we’re on a constant search for the green stuff. Packaged herbs and slimy avocados will never do, and we’re hesitant to grab yet another tub of the Whole Foods variety. It may be good, but we’ve got to have the best.

Angela’s Cafe (131 Lexington St, East Boston, (617) 567-4972) makes a mean dip, served with their fabulous homemade fried tortilla chips. The chunky stuff tops off many of the fine dishes here, from burritos to quesadillas, and even ordered as just an appetizer is appealing and fun to share with your friends. We love when places make our guac in plain view, and at Angela’s, you won’t be disappointed as they mortar the ingredients right before your eyes.

Brighton and Arlington hotspots Zocalo Cocina Mexicana - both owned by the same folks - feature a similarly amazing stone bowl filled with chunky goodness, and it’s often touted as a primary reason people stop in. Also made to order, this time right at your table, the zesty lime flavor takes over the entire dish in a way that’s pretty much indescribable. Grab their signature sangria to wash it down.

Jamaica Plain also has a more low-key, hole-in-the-wall version of a guacamole spot: Tacos El Charro at times seems to be run by only one woman, but staff behind her or not, this tiny cafe doesn’t disappoint. A plate piled high with fresh guac comes with the chips already stuck in the mound in an unruly fashion. We suggest you eat it with the same sort of abandon. Go for the guac, stay for the mariachis.

Angela’s Cafe, 131 Lexington Street, East Boston, 617-567-4972.
Zocalo Cocina Mexicana [Official Site]
Tacos El Charro [MenuPages]

[Photo: t i n a | r a v a l/Flickr]


Desperately Seeking: Guacamole