Desperately Seeking: Asian Lunch Downtown

We don’t spend too many lunch hours downtown, but when we do, it’s always a bit of a confusing time. Do we save money, eat healthy, or try something new? And do we really have to choose only one? With lots of choices for the downtown lunch crowd, we’ve picked a few of our go-to spots for Asian delights with a smile.

For a warm pho lunch as the autumn winds kick you a little harder, head to Chinatown’s Pho Thien Thien. Their prices are ridiculously low for the crazy bowls of goodness you receive, and the staff is friendly, if a tad scattered during the mid-day rush. Don’t fret if you have to wait a few minutes for your order. They’ll set you up with piping hot fresh tea for free while you’re patiently waiting. Try the pho Thai or vegetable tofu curry soups. They’re our favorite picks for a warming lunch in the cold corridors of downtown.

Another C-town one to see, Taiwan Cafe has the best dumplings around. The food is remarkably authentic compared to some more Americanized cafes nearby, and really, who doesn’t want to eat an egg and beef dish for lunch? It’s heavy, but it’ll get you back to the office without being blown over. Did we mention how cheap this place is?

We’d also be selfish if we didn’t mention how much we love New Golden Gate. It may be less authentic than some, but for $5, you get an entire meal that even the most gluttonous among us have a hard time finishing. The hot and sour soup is sure to warm you from tip to toe, so leave a healthy tip for the servers. You know a $5 lunch doesn’t send them home with much.

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Desperately Seeking: Asian Lunch Downtown