Date Your Dream Chef; Butchering on the Rise

• A list of single food-world pros allows all of you that have lusted after, say, Alex Day or Anne Burrell to contact them and declare your love. [TONY]

• Paul Newman may have been one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, but he also left a huge mark on the world of organic snacks with his Newman’s Own Organics line. [NYT]

• More restaurants are doing in-house butchering than before, but we hope they’re not all breaking down carcasses in the dining room like they do at Marlow & Sons. [NYT]

• Jen Lin-Liu has managed to turn a Fulbright scholarship and a trip to Beijing eight years ago into a full-time job as a Chinese-cooking-school teacher, author, and jet-setting restaurant consultant. [WP]

Date Your Dream Chef; Butchering on the Rise