Craving: Cocktails With Brunch

Sometimes, you just need greasy hangover food. Others, you need the opposite, a kickstart to your weekend with fresh OJ, a cocktail or two, with a side of brunch. It’s usually easy to find drinks or brunch, but what about both, expertly done, in the same place? Trust us on this one. We’ve been at it for a long time.

First to be mentioned and perhaps first in our hearts, Kenmore’s Eastern Standard has some of the wildest cocktails we’ve ever tried. Don’t expect to know what you’re in for as most of the menu is completely atypical and unpredictable. But how great is mixing that class with some eggs benedict? There’s a reason these folks get the Boston Magazine Best of Brunch award, and pairing the menu with drinks from the friendly bartenders is one of the best weekend combos around town.

Alternately, if you’re in the Cambridge area, you probably already know the fulfilled promises of theB Side. You also probably already know they serve brunch until 4pm on the weekends, but who are we to keep a secret like that? The duck confit is practically sinful (and nobody wants that kind of wrath on a Sunday), but washing it down with a bloody mary isn’t exactly righteous either, is it? We know the digs here aren’t the snazziest in town, but we find it hard to name another spot this side of the river so perfectly adept at pairing our two faves: alcohol and breakfast.

Eastern Standard [MenuPages]
Eastern Standard [Official Site]
B Side [MenuPages]

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Craving: Cocktails With Brunch