Comfort Food With A Twist

As autumn settles around us and leaves blow around our feet while waiting for the T on chilly morning commutes, we begin to crave the warm comforts of hearty foods we know and love. Perhaps one of the best spots for consistently amazing service and style is JP’s Zon’s. Nestled in a cozy corner near the animal hospital, Zon’s is the place to be for brews, burgers, and delicious mac&cheese.;

Updated for fall, Zon’s most recent menu is upgraded to include new favorites alongside their standard burger specials and turkey meatloaf. Edamame can now be added to your baked mac&cheese;, and a new stuffed lobster option is a crowd pleaser. Their wine and beer selections keep regulars chatting at their small bar for hours, and even the cheapest Riesling or Malbec are smooth and hearty choices that will impress your friends. Round out your experience with the chef’s homemade ice cream sandwiches, a delicate array of cookies and ice cream with plenty to share. The staff will cater to your every whim without hovering around your table, and more than likely, the friendly proprietor will wander by to make sure all is in order.

Stop in to warm up if you’re in the area - you’ll end up staying for dinner.

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[Photo: Zon’s]

Comfort Food With A Twist