City Paper, Digested

• When a restaurant shuts its doors, only to open them again, comparisons between the two “eras” of the eatery are inevitable… and Minar Palace is not exception. This week’s City Paper goes there (both figuratively and literally!) and finds that, well, it is a bit of a “letdown.”

• Between Halloween and Election Day, there is a lot going on in the upcoming week! We are looking forward to November 4th with the same level of anticipation that a 5 year old exhibits for Halloween, so it seems fitting that they are in the same week. Anyway. This Week In Eats has some activity/event suggestions for you, like a) a pie tasting, b) Halloween hijinks at McGillins, and c) and Election Night party at Johnny Brenda’s.

Home Slice, the pizza place that opened at the end of the summer, serves up distinctly above-average pies, but seems to be undiscovered. Don’t let it languish in obscurity, says Trey Popp! When even the vegan slice is good, you know a place is worth checking out.

• If the whole Halloween/Election thing happenings make you want to hibernate more than anything else, the Top 5 is kind of a love song to you — or at least a chance for a night of escapism. All about one-stop dinner and a movie places, suggestions range from renting a Bollywood flick at Tiffin to the prix-fixe dinner and ticket deal at 12 Lounge.


City Paper, Digested