City Paper, Digested (10/02/2008)

• A reader writes in asking about restaurants that accommodate peanut allergies. Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat (which doesn’t use any peanut oil) and Vic Sushi are among the places recommended.

• This week’s Small Bites gets us hip to the Sriracha Latte at Beauty Shop Cafe and the Rabbit Risotto at Prive, among other things. Both of the above sound pretty appealing as the weather starts to cool.

• Also this week, a round-up of several upcoming events, many of them this weekend. Eat Your Way Through The Italian Market sounds like an awesome weekend activity, although $50 is hard on the wallet these days.

• Trey Popp reviews Hummus, in University City. The menu is not exactly innovative, and the prices are a little bit high for what’s served, but the food is good enough to be worth it.

• And to cap it all off, an interview with David Katz, who is behind newly opened Meme, among other restaurants. It’s always so nice to get to know our chefs!


City Paper, Digested (10/02/2008)