Chicago Downtown Farmstand: Produce Abundant, Reviews Sparse

It’s been nearly a week now for the Chicago Downtown Farmstand, the indoor market in Daley Plaza at 66 E Randolph that opened on October 1, and we’re seeing remarkably little reaction on les blogz.

One of our favorite bloggers, Consumatron, swung by last week. His take:

The market is a bit small and still has to grow into its potential, but with a little work and support, this could be a promising prototype for the all-year market Chicago desperately needs.

The kids at Gapers Block give a press-release-esque rundown of the freezer case, with no assessment of the market’s quality, potential, or relative awesomeness to rival Milwaukee’s market :

The Farmstand’s refrigerated cases currently chill local English muffins, various apples, jugs of cider, preserves, small pumpkins, and greens like Swiss chard, arugula, and spigariello. Shelves and baskets are stocked full of locally grown beans, artisan bread, jars of vegetable dips, and locally roasted coffee. You’ll also find Brussels sprouts, onion, peppers, green beans, potatoes, and tomatoes. Behind the counter near the registers, they’ll make you a smoothie of cider, fruit and ice.

Michael Morowitz of The Local Beet promised to check it out last Wednesday and report back, but we’re still waiiiiiii-tinnnng…

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[Photo via Consumatron’s Flickr]

Chicago Downtown Farmstand: Produce Abundant, Reviews Sparse