Chicago 24/7 Goes to Naha

Things to keep in mind while you watch this clip of Chicago 24/7 visiting Carrie Nahabedian in the kitchen at her restaurant, Naha, to make some gnocchi:

• The host, Katie Keogh, is wearing a purple satin cocktail dress and dangly gold earrings in a restaurant kitchen. Omg.

• When Katie asks Carrie whether her food has any Armenian influences, Carrie’s hesitation is magical. It’s a pure, crystalline moment of “have you seriously done no pre-interview research whatsoever?”

• While the preparation looks delish, the real talent of gnocchi lies in making the pasta itself, not in adorning it with sauce. Does Carrie make her yukon gold gnocchi from scratch? Probably. So why don’t we get to see it?

• When Katie and Carrie are out of the kitchen, they’re in front of a poster for Chicago Gourmet. Any recon on whether this poster is actually in the dining room at Naha, or whether Katie actually did this interview at CG, rather than in the restaurant?

• No, wait, is the cocktail dress actually a shirt? And is it actually crushed velvet? And is that better or worse?

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Chicago 24/7 Goes to Naha