Cheap Eats Roundup Roundup

Tanking economy, blah blah blah. What’s a helpless citizen to do? Food-related deals abound, and today saw the publication of two very different round-up lists.

312 Dining Diva gave us a selection of special deals offered by local restaurants. Top of her list (and ours, too) is the this-week-only $5 hamburger at David Burke’s Primehouse — a 40-day dry-aged patty, regularly $15, topped with bacon mayo, spinach, and fried onions. Also offering recession special is Bin 36 (no tax charged on your lunch, 11am-2pm).

On another note, Mike Nagrant laments his competing desires to eat well and to have a positive balance in his savings account. He points to a few workarounds that predate our current economic climate: shucking your own oysters at home ($0.79 each at Whole Foods, instead of $2 or more at a restaurant), and reaffirms his dedication to the $3.95 lunch deal at Spring World and other Chinatown cheap luxuries, among other things.

Speaking as someone who just ate a Kraft single for breakfast, we think we might start taking these tips to heart.

Take a bite out of these deals [312DD]
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[Blue point oysters from Whole Foods, via bourgeoisbee’s Flickr]

Cheap Eats Roundup Roundup