Carol Blymire Launches Alinea At Home!

The big news today is that when you type into your browser window, it no longer produces a “coming soon” page. Instead, IT IS A REAL WEBSITE.

We love Carol Blymire ‘round these parts (recall our awesome interview with her, wherein she gave us tantalizing glimpses at the site that just today has launched), and we will be avidly following her adventures as she cooks her way through the Alinea cookbook. First recipe up: Bacon, butterscotch, apple, thyme. A.k.a. the (in)famous clothesline bacon.

We’re on the edge of our seat. No, seriously. This might be huger to us, personally, than the opening of The Publican.

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[The clothesline bacon, via eric rolph’s Flickr]

Carol Blymire Launches Alinea At Home!