Burritoeater’s Slab Scrum 2008

We were hopping from one foot to the other in front of the e-mailbox all weekend, waiting for the October issue of Burritoeater’s Intestinal Apocalypse. When it came, it bore fantastic news: The participants of the 2008 Slab Scrum (Burritoeater’s biannual tournament for the “Great Mustache” award for best burrito in San Francisco) have been announced.

We were a bit surprised to see the Golden Gate/Larkin location representing Taqueria El Castillito, instead of the Mission Street location. Why, it was just this past New Year’s Eve that we personally watched Charles Burritoeater award 9.08 mustaches to a breakfast behemoth right there at 2092 Mission St. But the times, they change. It’s 2008, baby, and apparently time for a shakeup.

Another surprise: Taqueria Can-cun, with which we have never been terribly impressed, seems to have been performing strong enough, recently, to make the cut. Screw football season. This here’s the tournament for us.

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Burritoeater’s Slab Scrum 2008