Breaking: Esquire’s 2008 Chef Of The Year

Did Dominique Crenn have to get a shift covered at Luce last night? We don’t know, but it seems likely, seeing as how she was busy getting named Esquire’s 2008 Chef of the Year.

That’s right, folks. Food Fashionista has a report from last night’s party in New York, at which Esquire handed out some preliminary honors in advance of their publication in the November issue. Crenn took home the chef of the year award, and Luce got a mention as one of the magazine’s Top 20 New Restaurants.

Congratulations all around, to Crenn, Luce, and the rest of Esquire’s newly named crop. Check out the November issue for a complete list.

Dominique Crenn- Esquire’s Chef of the Year 2008 [Food Fashionista]
Luce [MenuPages]
Luce [Official Site]

[Photo: Via San Francisco Sentinel]


Breaking: Esquire’s 2008 Chef Of The Year