Blog Reviews: Week Of The Last Week Of

The number of blog reviews that we face each week has grown. Like, hugely. Like, what used to be five to ten is now thirty to fifty, sometimes nearing a hundred, and even the edited version that we give to you every week is so long that people go out of their way to email us about how freaking annoying it is to slog through, and that makes us feel bad because seriously, people, we are just trying to do our job here.

So this week, we’ll be experimenting with a daily roundup of the blog reviews that show up on our radar. This post will be the last of the previous-seven-days lists, so slog through it with a bittersweet smile on your face, humming some kind of end-of-an-era song (we are partial to Vitamin C’s Graduation (Friends Forever)).

As always, if you know of a Chicago restaurant blog that you don’t think we’re reading, let us know. And if you write a blog that isn’t necessarily food-related, but you review something anyway, let us know about that, too.

• Chuck Sudo of Chicagoist actually submits to the call of Risque Cafe’s country-fried bacon. So far as we know, he has not died of a coronary. Yet.

• One of the millions of NBC5 Street Team bloggers treks out to Kanye’s Fatburger out in Orland. We’re inclined to discount this review because all parties involved ordered turkeyburgers. Which are not real burgers.

• It’s all donuts and apple pie, all the time at Edwards Apple Orchard, near Rockford. Robyn Nisi at Drive Thru makes our mouths water at the thought.

• The indefatigable Matt B of Chicago Traveler hits up Skewerz. Yucca fries with banana ketchup, people.

• The Chicago Burger Project files a report on Hopleaf, despite not ordering or consuming any actual burgers. Scandal? Scandal!

• Mike Nagrant visits Real Tenochtitlan on Serious Eats’ dime, uses gnawed-at bones as a vehicle for sopping up the mole. It’s that good.

• Hungry Mag presents the newly-opened Steve’s Deli in bullet form: YES The corned beef is cut against the grain, NO it will never replace Manny’s.

• Bridget and Tammy of Chicago Bites go canine at Hot Doug’s, where the duck fat fries entirely fail to make up for the ridonk line.

• Chicago Gluttons calls us out on our totally failed attempts at predicting an opening date for The Publican, but their review more than makes up for it: “Neat, loud as hell, elegant at times, moderate bling, and def all business.” Pictures are droolworthy.

• Battle of the under-the-radar burgers: Mike Gebert goes to Western Springs for the off-menu, Friday-night-only burger at Vie, while KingT reveals that his favorite meat-on-a-bun comes courtesy That’s-A-Burger, down South Shore way.

• And last but most certainly not least, Chuck Sudo was at last night’s Mulefoot dinner, and his pictures do a whole hell of a lot of talking.

[Photo: Head cheese ravioli from the Blackfoot dinner, via Chicagoist]


Blog Reviews: Week Of The Last Week Of