Blog Reviews: Week Of Everything But The Kitchen Sink

• Pizza “truly is an art” at Chicago Traveler’s review of The Art of Pizza. And the same day he’s at it again, with a writeup of Gold Coast Dogs: a solid place to get a solid dog.

• Lots of moonlighting this week on the topic of Urban Belly: Mike Nagrant is bylined at Serious Eats, while David Tamarkin writes up the dumpling joint for (after filing on it already for his home base, TOC).

The Dolinskter originally wanted to get his bulgogi on at San Soo Gap Gan, but instead goes to Chicago Kalbi, where the crowds are sparser and the food is Korean by way of Japan.

• It’s dinner at Alinea for the poor, undernourished Brian at Chicago Foodies. He acknowledges that the high-concept menu isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is for him.

• The food is bangin’ and the cocktails are slammin’ for brunch at Cuatro. Or at least, so sayeth the NBC5 Street Team.

• Does Matt B ever stop? Still another Chicago Traveler review, this time he’s at Veerasway, which helps him ease his nervous way into the flavors of Indian cuisine.

Matt Doyle of Drive Thru is a die-hard meatatarian, but he still swoons over Chicago Diner’s “Radical Reuben”: a masterful seitan-based recreation of the classic deli sandwich.

Chicago Gluttons continues their reign of Photoshop terror in a review of Habana Libre, as Fidel Castro sagely implores Darwensi, “You best finish that f***ing oxtail.”

Flora Lazar’s favorite roast chicken isn’t actually chicken at all: It’s galletto (cornish hen), and it’s from Riccardo Trattoria.

• We’re actually not sure how Brian at Chicago Foodies could eat so soon after his Alinea meal, but he’s back on the beat, reviewing Cyrano’s Bistrot, where he’s pretty sure his server was using a fake name.

ChiBBQ King weighs in on the dog wars, casting a vote for Oak Park’s Tasty Dog (708 Lake St, Oak Park, 708 383 2645).

• Want to spend an entire day in Wicker Park? Let the Decider be your guide: lunch at Uncle Mike’s Place, dinner at OTOM, drinks at Bottom Lounge, and we bet you’ll never guess what meal you should eat at Breakfast Club.

Mlle Epicurista has dinner at Lockwood, in the Palmer House: “Did I like it? Is the chef any good? Is it worth the price? Yes. Yes. And, yes.” Yes.

• Last, but certainly not least, it’s dinner at Aria for Steve and Lisa from Focus on Food. Consensus: the food is good, but it “lacks a certain inspiration,” and we’ve got a hung jury when it comes to the decor.

[Photo: Radical reuben at Chicago Diner by Tammy Green. All rights reserved.]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Everything But The Kitchen Sink