Iranians Stick Heads In Sand(wich)

It’s Monday and we haven’t quite adjusted to the concept of a workweek, but luckily we ran across some funny food news to start the week off right.

As you may have read in this morning’s FYI, Iran last week attempted to break into the Guinness Book of World Records as creators of the world’s largest sandwich. Over two days, a 4,920 foot sandwich was indeed assembled and stuffed with 2,200 pounds of ostrich meat in order to promote an ostrich farming business that is both hot and healthy in Iran right now. But onlookers just couldn’t handle the temptation, and finally a crowd of people took matters into their own hands and ate — in only a few minutes — the displayed sandwich before it could be officially measured.


The organizers are hoping that the taped footage (pre-stampede) of the sandwich will be enough to proof to still win the prize.

But almost as interesting as the botched record story is the reminder that apparently ostrich meat, which had a bit of a heyday in the 80s, is supposed to be good for you (low in fat and cholesterol), prompting us to do a little hunting for nice spots around town where you can get the dark, gamey meat.

We know Rosamunde Sausage Grill has carried an ostrich sausage in the past, and we remember seeing ostrich carpaccio at ChouChou not too long ago. But both Blowfish Sushi and Eliza’s (on California) regularly have hard-to-find bird on their menus — seared ostrich on a tempura portobello mushroom at Blowfish, and ostrich with Chinese garlic or mango at Eliza’s.

The trusty MenuPages Find-A-Food tool pointed us toward a few promising, but as-yet untried candidates, including Jasmine Tea House, which serves up a stir-fried basil ostrich dish, and Ben Wah, which features sauteed ostrich with prawns.

World record sandwich? Iranians eat evidence

Photo via AZadam/flickr


Iranians Stick Heads In Sand(wich)