Chef Shuffle

Bellanca Out at Le Cirque

Photo: Jennifer MacFarlane

News from the ‘bag: “A huge shake-up is in play at Le Cirque, where chef Christophe Bellanca is no longer in the kitchen, having parted ‘mutually’ with owner Mauro Maccioni, the latter tells us.” Cedric Tovar and Franklin Becker are said to be candidates; Maccioni is looking for a chef “who will get us three Michelin stars.”

Update: The official statement from Le Cirque: “Chef Christophe Bellanca is no longer with Le Cirque. The Maccioni family was happy with Bellanca’s work and parted ways with the chef mutually. The Maccionis are currently seeking a replacement, and Sirio is confident they will find a talented chef in the near future. Once a decision has been made, we will be in touch with more information. In the meantime, a core team of highly trained and experienced chefs is overseeing the kitchen.”

Christophe Bellanca Out at Le Cirque; Tovar, Becker Among Candidates to Replace Him [Feedbag]

Bellanca Out at Le Cirque