Bacon In Unexpected Places #1538: Baconcello

Does the bacon-obsession ever end? On November 6, Osteria Via Stato is hosting a Swine and Wine dinner, opened by a “baconcello” cocktail reception:

Our Baconcello is Adam Seger’s interpretation of Limoncello. The Midwest land is not known for its lemons like the Isle of Capri. But we do have our bacon. Thus, Baconcello takes infuses Midwest flavors into a “cello”.

A quick call to the restaurant confirms that, yes, it is actual bacon-infused vodka: The bacon chills out in the alcohol (along with some maple and granny smith apples) for 24-48 hours before being strained and served, straight-up, in a champagne flute.

The four-course, family-style dinner is $69 per person, which includes wine pairings and, yes, baconcello. Salute!

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[Photo: Bacon-infused vodka, via xmason’s Flickr]

Bacon In Unexpected Places #1538: Baconcello