Ask MenuPages: Where To Get Macarons?

Dear MenuPages,
I just got back from a Parisian vacation, where I did nothing but eat macarons. Where can I find them here in Philly?
-Sarah, Philadelphia

The macaron landscape in Philadelphia is much more barren than we would like to be. Not to be confused with macaroons, the little mounds of coconut and egg white that are especially prevalent at this time of year (Rosh Hashanah, y’all), macarons are a French delicacy most associated with Paris. Traditionally composed of two delicate and ever-so-slightly chewy almond meringues, with a thin layer of ganache as a filling, it’s also possible to get them with a layer of jam. Also, not to venture too far into hyperbole, but they are basically little bites of heaven.

So where to get a macaron, now that we’ve hyped them up so much?

• Since Parc is pretty much predicated on being as Parisian as possible — barring actually being in Paris — it stands to reason that they would have these treats on their menu. They serve classic flavors like chocolate and raspberry, which while not the most inventive, are pretty perfect in their simplicity.

• If you aren’t looking for a sit-down affair, Miel Patisserie in Rittenhouse Square also has the delectable cookie on the menu. They are still a bit pricey, but far more economical than a flight to Paris, non?

• Finally, if you’d care to have a “Philadelphia macaron,” we suggest heading up to New York City and popping in to Macaron Cafe there. What’s constitutes the Philadelphia macaron? Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cookies delicately flecked with poppy seeds. (This bit of advice comes via Serious Eats.)

Parc [MenuPages]
Parc [Official Site]

[Photo: Philadelphia macaron via Serious Eats]


Ask MenuPages: Where To Get Macarons?