And The Vines With The Tender Grape Give A Good Smell

We must be reminiscing again about the semester we took “The Bible”, because our title, about the beauty of figs, comes from Song of Solomon. Personally, we’re not crazy about the actual fig (or reading the Bible for that matter), but we sure love Todd English’s interpretation, as shown in his delicious restaurant Figs. A neighborhood staple in Beacon Hill, Figs is located on notorious Charles Street and serves as a favorite restaurant for locals and suburbanites. So when our boss sent us down the hill to pick up a pizza and salads, we jumped at the chance.

Figs recently won the award for “Best Takeout, Beacon Hill,” and it’s easy to see why. The pizzas, in an untraditional oval/rectangular shape, are made with fresh herbs and spices and smell heavenly. We suggest going for the traditional pizza, a plain cheese concoction that the whole family will be pleased with. Also, one pie is plenty for everyone, unlike some other pizza restaurants that hand over the box and it looks like there’s 4 slices inside. Also available are a variety of delicious salads, including the traditional Greek, loaded with feta and olives, and the spinach salad, packed with nutrients.

The restaurant itself isn’t too large, but the location makes it a fun place for people watching. However if you decide to go the takeout route, you only have to wait around twenty minutes for your order. And those 20 minutes are well worth it. While Figs doesn’t deliver, the food is worth the trek even if you don’t live in the area. With the success of Figs and his other restaurants, it’s easy to see why Todd English has built an edible empire.

Figs [MenuPages]
Figs [Official Site]

[Photo: Igougo]

And The Vines With The Tender Grape Give A Good Smell