All The Pretty Girls Go To The City

Perhaps it’s no surprise that a biz that doubles its cafe efforts with a catering service understands how important fresh ingredients are. Maybe we’ve been to one too many badly catered wedding, where trays of lukewarm food live under shiny silver lids for hours on end. Maybe we underestimated what catering can be.

At City Girl Cafe, we’re always pleasantly surprised at how fresh and delicious our choices are. Brunch here is one reason to trek to Inman Square on a weekend - fluffy omelets and frittatas make our most vegan friends jealous, everyone loves quality homefries, and the otherwise full menu serves anyone not interested in breakfast fare. Their pizzas and pasta are so good for such an unassuming storefront, we have had to convince more than one of our pals to join us. After that, they were dragging us back.

The staff here is reserved but friendly, which in such a small space, feels just right. Reasonable prices for how fresh you know your meal will be. Now that they have beer and wine on the menu, you can make a date out of it. Or three.

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All The Pretty Girls Go To The City