Across The Menuniverse: Heartwarming Edition

• Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name and that place is Thornton’s Fenway Grill. [MP: Boston]

• We’ve dined around the world (well, at least around the northern United States and Western Europe) and no bite of food has ever made us happier than the quail egg ravioli at Schwa. [MP: Chicago]

• Regardless of your political preferences, this story about friendly pie-related heckling (is there such a thing as “friendly heckling”?) at an Obama rally will make you smile. [MP: Philadelphia]

• Could a kati roll make you even happier than a burrito? [MP: San Francisco]

• Denny’s just donated a whole lot of money to establish a child care center at FMU. Nice! [MP: South Florida]

Across The Menuniverse: Heartwarming Edition