A Secret Pre-Thanksgiving Restaurant Week? Maybe!

This just in over the New York wire: our corporate siblings at NYMag’s Grub Street cornered Danny Meyer, proprietor of a slew of top-notch NYC dining options (including our personal burger mecca, the Shake Shack) for his take on our current financial straits. Among much that’s of interest only to New Yorkers, there is this little gem:

[Meyer has] iced a deal with OpenTable to host a nationwide Restaurant Week just before Thanksgiving, in hopes of luring people back to the reservation book.

Oh really? Another restaurant week? The first one back in February was pretty successful, but we are personally somewhat skeptical of the whole notion of a Restaurant Week.

A quick Google turns up nothing else on the topic of a pre-Thanksgiving national restaurant week, but we’ll make a few calls and let you know what’s up.

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A Secret Pre-Thanksgiving Restaurant Week? Maybe!