A Misguided SF Travel Guide

And the evidence is in: The chiefs over at Reuters obviously just sit around their skyscraper offices clicking “refresh” on the MPSF blog in order to get story ideas. How else could they have so quickly bitten our idea for a San Francisco visit story? Because nobody else on earth has ever thought to write about what to do while visiting here.

Anyway, sarcasm aside, we have to wonder, who fact-checks these things? One of the first recommendations sends you to Jazz at Pearls, which has been closed since the summer. The paragraph on the Mission is especially galling:

When the sun goes down, the Mission District lights up. After dinner, follow the crowds to the corner of 17th and Valencia and choose from dozens of watering holes for a drink. Blondies [sic] is a popular meeting spot where the bartenders are known for stiff martinis. Nearby Dalva and Beauty Bar often attract a crowd as well. For live music, 12 Galaxies offers the latest and loudest bands while Pink is the place to dance the night away.

Not to be snide, but yes, to be snide, we’d like to point out that a martini is liquor mixed with a little bit of other liquor, and is therefore, by nature, “stiff.” Also, 12 Galaxies is closed.

The Reuters guide does give some decent pointers, it should be said, such as a cocktail at Top of the Mark. And we’re pretty sure Fisherman’s Wharf is still there. But if you really do have just 48 hours to explore the city, you may want to do some extra research.

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[Photo: Via Destination360]


A Misguided SF Travel Guide