312DD Goes To The Publican, Doesn’t Eat

Audarshia Townsend of 312 Dining Diva takes the gold medal for first official review of The Publican… sort of. She showed up at midnight, by which time the brand-new pork palace was closed for the night.

Still, she sweet-talked proprietor Donny Madia into giving her a tour:

Publican partner Donnie Madia graciously gave us a tour of the airy, one-room space dominated by the color beige and over-sized chandeliers. What drew our attention the most, however, were the eight or so booths lining the walls. They had their own little doors—for semi-privacy—which should get interesting when the clubby crowds from next-door Lumen get wind of it. You know what I’m talking about… .

She also tries to pump him for information on the old Pontiac space, which Heather Shouse had confirmed his purchase of in her column in TOC. But from where we sit, it looks like there’s still bad blood between Audarshia and Heather: no mention of TOC’s scoop in 312DD’s writeup, just a mention of “recent rumors.”

So when is someone who tried the food going to get online and talk about it? We itch to reblog…

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[Image via Achewood]


312DD Goes To The Publican, Doesn’t Eat