You Must Do This: Set Aside $22 A Day

The Grant Achatz-Thomas Keller connection runs deeper than simply Carol Blymire’s blogging choices: Before striking out on his own, Achatz worked under Keller. As is common in the culinary world, the two men have a breathtakingly mutually appreciative mentor/protegee relationship, with healthy handfuls of respect and admiration being flung in both directions.

So naturally what you must do is this: Mark your calendars for December 2. That evening Mister Achatz and Mister Keller (of New York’s Per Se and Napa’s French Laundry) are going to be sharing the proverbial stage: twenty courses over the course of what will undoubtedly be countless hours of culinary precision and gastronomical bliss. It’s at Alinea.

Of course, it’s not cheap: the price tag runs a hefty $1500, which includes both wine pairings and astonishing proximity to greatness.

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[Photo: The Alinea kitchen (one of these people will soon be Thomas Keller!), via Browners82’s Flickr]

You Must Do This: Set Aside $22 A Day