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Will Mario and Gwyneth’s ‘On the Road’ Be Like ‘Y Tu Mamá También,’ But Hammier?

The press release for “On the Road Again” makes Mario Batali’s Spanish road trip sound like some kind of hotness: “Throughout the course of their journey, Batali, Bittman, Paltrow and Bassols square off from time to time in a classic ‘battle of sexes’ rivalry which results in all the pratfalls one expects in male-female relationships.” At least, that must’ve been how they pitched it when they scored Mario and Gwyneth a spot on Oprah tomorrow. Past that, you can expect the group to hit Catalunya to quaff Cava from the source, San Sebastián to do the tapas bars, and a pig farm in Salamanca to see how your Ibérico gets made — and expect cameos by Juan Mari Arzak, Ferran Adriá, Carme Ruscalleda, Sergi Arola, vintner René Barbier, and, in Bilbao, Mr. Frank Gehry. The series premieres this Sunday on PBS, and as far as we know, it’ll be your first chance to see Mario’s blindingly orange duds in high-definition.

Will Mario and Gwyneth’s ‘On the Road’ Be Like ‘Y Tu