What Did You Just Call Me?

We admit it: we thought Suvarnabhumi Kiri sounded like someone was calling us names. Turns out we might need to get our ears checked out and now, after stopping in for a few meals, are looking forward to once again filling our bellies with some Thai & Cambodian excellence. Without trying too hard to pronounce it, we love this place for two reasons: an incredibly cheap combo lunch that includes a crazy amount of food and Thai coffee/tea; and despite our Elephant Walk love, this cheaper Cambodian offering hits the spot when we don’t have a lot of extra cash to spare.

While there are many great Thai places in the Allston/Brighton ‘hood, there aren’t many with such an extensive menu and sushi bar to boot. The incredible range of options alone are a reason to go looking for this small restaurant next to Herrell’s Renaissance Cafe (formerly Tokyo City, if you happen to recall the sushi dive). We particularly love to come here with fussy friends - we love our friends, and they love their options. Omnivores ranging to vegans can sample a variety of papaya salads, eggplant and chicken plates, sushi of all sorts, and dessert sticky rice. And drinks? Another win for Chang beer.

It may look a little more upscale than a typical Allston hotspot, but don’t let the decor fool you. This place is a delicious steal.

Suvarnabhumi Kiri [MenuPages]

[Photo: stu_spivak/Flickr]

What Did You Just Call Me?