Weekend Inquirer, Digested (09/22/2008)

• Uh-oh, Chima. No bells for you from LaBan! The picanha was successful, but “virtually every other skewer, though, brought a letdown, with the off-flavors of less than stellar meat that tasted either gamy (flank steak, leg of lamb), liver-y (filet mignon), or as dry as particleboard (parmesan-crusted pork loin).” The food also suffers from too much salt, too much seasoning, while the restaurant in general suffers from basic inattention all around. Final note to Chima: routing calls through Brazil does not automatically make for authenticity.

Rick Nichols takes a look at some of the restaurants keeping German-cookery alive in the area. He points out how surprising it is that an area with such deep Teutonic roots doesn’t have much by way of German cuisine, and we have to say that we couldn’t agree more. The plus side is that there are still hold-outs like City Tavern, which will be serving a special Oktoberfest menu. The menu features sumptuous-sounding goulasch, sausages, sauerkraut, and the like.

• Meanwhile, via Inqlings: Kevin Sbranga is gearing up for the Bocuse d’Or and “has been holed up in the kitchen of a closed restaurant” for the better part of the past seven weeks.

[Photo: via Inquirer]


Weekend Inquirer, Digested (09/22/2008)