We Are Siamese, If You Please

So much Thai, so little time. We know - we feel your pain. So we do what works for us: have a standby list for every neighborhood. You never know where you’re gonna be when a craving strikes.

House of Siam is one of the better bets in the South End when we get a hankering for Thai goodness. Their enormous menu covers such a range of options, we have the unending dilemma of big selection restaurants: try something new or choose the old standby. Our fallback favorites like the crispy duck or pad Thai are easy to select, but didn’t we want to try to branch out, try the mango fried rice? Like we said, so much Thai, so little time.

HoS is also a particularly nice spot for a quiet dinner. Their small but not teeny and crowded dining room might fill up, but somehow, the noise in here never becomes an issue. A perfect location for a meeting or dinner date, you know, if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

House of Siam [MenuPages]

[Photo: Frenkieb/Flickr]

We Are Siamese, If You Please