Wawa Sells Billionth Cup Of Coffee: Marks Occasion With ‘Coffeetopia’

We’re not quite sure how this news bypassed us, but Wawa recently served their 1 billionth cup of coffee earlier this week! Perhaps not the biggest bit of news for the week, but exciting nonetheless. After all, even though Wawa “is the seventh largest ready-to-drink brewed coffee retailer in the United States,” according to this CBS item, it is a singularly Pennsylvanian institution. (In fact, it “has the leading share of brewed coffee in the Philadelphia area.”)

In honor of the occasion, some factoids about the chain:

• Wawa was one of the first stores to have those alternately useful/frustrating self-serve touch screens.
• Johnny Knoxville has the late 1990s Wawa logo tattooed on his shoulder.
• In the late 1990s, the Wawa slogan was “”Go to Wawa when you’re hot, hot, hot.”

The new question is this: when will they hit one billion hoagies sold? (And can we please celebrate in hoagietopia?)

“Wawa Serves 1 Billionth Cup of Coffee” [CBS 3]

[Photo: via Wawa]


Wawa Sells Billionth Cup Of Coffee: Marks Occasion With ‘Coffeetopia’