Trivial Pursuit

When it comes to trivia nights, we’re serious competitors. Yeah, that’s us yelling at the frat boys one table down to shut up because we can’t hear the question over their grunting. And we feel no guilt for sending evil looks to the quiet trolls in the corner who find answers via their iPhone. So naturally, we’re pretty particular about the bar locations for our chosen trivia nights. On a whim, we joined a friend at Clery’s for their Wednesday Stump Trivia Night.

Located on the Back/Bay South End border, Clery’s was definitely a surprise. The space is large enough for lots of trivia fanatics to lay back and forget their day on furniture that may have been taken out of your grandma’s apartment. However, the beverage offerings are pretty diverse, and significantly better than at your grandma’s. (And we’re pretty sure prune juice isn’t even on the menu). Our bartender gave us a treat by infusing our typical Magner’s Irish Cider with a shot of pomegranate liqueur. Though a little too sweet for our taste, it was a delicious twist on a classic. We also noticed that there is Blue Moon and Sam Seasonal on tap, which is a hit with those who swear by drinking from the draft.

With all the drinking going on, it’s nearly impossible to avoid ordering from the menu of delicious snacks that Clery’s has to offer. Our table devoured the nachos in mere minutes, and the quesadillas weren’t the thin, measly type that disappoints many drunken bar flies. We can’t guarantee you’ll win the trivia contest, but chances are you’ll have some fun. Unless that is, we spot you cheating.

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Trivial Pursuit