Tribune Food: Peanut Butter Is Delicious

• So this whole economy-in-a-horrible-slide-towards-the-abyss thing has a surprising upside: the resurgence of peanut butter! Industry folks are predicting that sales will skyrocket as money becomes tighter. Also: nom nom the recipe for pb&j; shortbread cookies.

• Like the nerd in high school who, post-college, suddenly reentered your life having transformed into a a heart-stoppingly charming, intelligent, successful, and fiercely hot person, pinot blanc is coming back from oeno-Siberia. Bill Daley has the scoop.

• You are currently reading a blog post that rounds up the content of a Tribune article that itself rounds up the content of various food-related media. OMG META.

• If you are a home cook, and you do not already own a food mill, what the hell is wrong with you?

• Call for entries! Submit your cookie recipes and a one-page essay explaining the story behind the cookie to the Trib’s Holiday Cookie Contest. Prizes include Macy’s gift certificates, and a guarantee that come December we will personally write a post that finds some element of your cookie recipe to make fun of.

[Photo: Anyone who does not want to devour their monitor after seeing this is no longer our friend. Allergy is not an acceptable excuse. Via tamdotcom’s Flickr]


Tribune Food: Peanut Butter Is Delicious