Total Lack Of Menace To The Northwest: Minnesota

Here’s a thing we don’t get: When it comes to food on sticks, Minnesota is the happiest place on earth. But apparently when it comes to lunch, it verges on being an Onion article:

Business is building at Jensen’s in Eagan, where the well-known supper club is now offering weekday lunches – with a freshly made popover welcoming each customer.

“It’s picking up every day,” owner Doron Jensen said of the lunch service he began Sept. 8 in the Cedar Grove area.

There’s a new soup-and-salad bar, sandwiches, steaks and seafood – and also meeting facilities. Last week, the soup was prime rib mushroom, supped by senior citizens, business people and shoppers stopping in.

“It’s perfect at lunch,” Jensen said. “You can make any kind of chef’s salad you want with chicken, shrimp, turkey or ham – or just a garden salad, if that’s what you would like.”

“Lunch at Jensen’s will be unique because we are more upscale than nearby restaurants,” Jensen said. “Local businesses will finally have an attractive location for business lunches, as well as noon-hour celebrations such as birthdays and holidays.”

We know, we know, we are directing our snark at a family-run small business. BUT COME ON:

Though he had resisted opening the family-owned supper club to lunch, the success of Jensen’s Cafe in Burnsville, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, convinced Jensen.

We wish the Jensens every success, and are incredibly pleased that the senior citizens, business people, and shoppers of Eagan, MN, now have access to virtually any chef’s salad they want.

Word is spreading of classy new lunch dining [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

[Photo: the Jensen’s sign, which admittedly is, okay, incredibly awesome, via anglerove’s Flickr]

[HT to our friend Mary, who is in Minnesota being Political]

Total Lack Of Menace To The Northwest: Minnesota