TOC Roundup: Maxwell, Localism, Urban Belly

• Now that the Maxwell Street market has moved again, how on earth are you going to find your favoreenie stewed-goat vendor without that touristy look of blank confusion? Enter TOC’s map and guide, complete with ordering recommendations for some of the stalls you might not have tried.

• There’s already buzz around David Tamarkin’s takedown of localvorism (or however you spell it), which hinges on a logically consistent claim that a perfect exercise of locavorism results (ironically and myopically) in a scenario that is precisely opposite that which the locavore is intending to achieve. If you buy what Tamarkin is selling, but are now flailing about for some gastronomical tenets on which to hang your hat, he offers up some suggestions for responsible eating on the TOC blog. (P.S. In the course of reading the article and then writing this summary, we felt like a philosophy major all over again. Thanks, DT!)

• If you are locally (or at least farmers-marketally) minded, but also a fan of drinking? Have an Indian Summer: apple cider, maple syrup, cranberry liqueur, and rum. It’s New England in a glass, but alcoholic. Which is to say, it’s New England in a glass!

• Last but not least, Tamarkin makes good on his angry response to Steve Dolinsky, who committed the double sin of (a) lumping TOC in with the other unwashed blogging masses when he accused them of visiting places — specifically, Urban Belly — as soon as they opened, and (b) himself visiting Urban Belly on opening day. Per TOC’s editorial review standards, Tamarkin held off on his visit for a couple of weeks after the restaurant’s open, but winds up with the same conclusion Dolinsky did: Urban Belly makes a hell of a lot of rapturously delicious dishes.

[Photo: quesadilla al pastor from the Maxwell St. Market, via red vines’ Flickr]


TOC Roundup: Maxwell, Localism, Urban Belly