The Weeklies Over Coffee

Here’s your afternoon coffee-break roundup of the San Francisco Bay Guardian and SF Weekly food sections. Careful, it’s hot!

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

• Paul Reidinger visits the Haight’s Uva Enoteca, and while he predicts the restaurant’s survival, he does chide, in that gentle way of his, a few hiccups. [Porcoteca]

• L.E. Leone contemplates death by pizza, but ends up eating at Happy Garden in Oakland. [Cheap Eats: Drama Queen]

From the SF Weekly:

• Matthew Stafford takes a stroll through the Ferry Building Marketplace, giving us a nice rundown of some of its highlights. But why, oh why does every single article ever written about the ferry building have to have a photo of a plate of oysters? Zoning issues, Port commission hearings, Ferry schedules… they all have a photo of a plate of oysters surrounding a bowl of cocktail sauce and a lemon. Who took that shot, anyway? And can we borrow some royalty money? [Victuals Tour]

The Weeklies Over Coffee