The T-Shirts Of The Hot Dog King

With all the politics and the Britney Spears and the Bears vs. Colts stuff, it can be hard to pick out the real news. This is where we come in: if you read one thing today, let it be Thrillist Nation’s interview with champion eater Takeru Kobayashi, who is out shilling his official line of t-shirts. The highlight:

Do you ever casually enjoy a hot dog?
Yes, I do.

What do you put on it?
Ketchup and mustard.

Do you have a favorite brand?
(Laughs) Most people call me the Hot Dog King, but I can’t answer your question until I try all of the different hot dogs.

Ketchup? Scandale! But that aside, we admire how the flame-haired mega-gugitator leaves future hot dog endorsement opportunities open by not admitting his partiality to one particular brand or another. Also holy crap the dude’s abs are insane.

Kibitzing With Kobayashi [Thrillist Nation]
Kobayashi Online Store [Official Site]

[Photo: One of the Kobayashi tshirts]


The T-Shirts Of The Hot Dog King