The Politics Of Pizza

We look at a seemingly unending stream of menus, day in and day out, and frankly, they start to all blend into one, or at least one within each price bracket and cuisine. Occasionally though, it happens that a menu comes in with something… distinct about it. Something that makes it stand out from the pack. Something that catches our notice for longer than the time it takes to proof a menu, and ends up engraving itself in our memory.

This week (and actually, the first time in recent memory), 13th Street Pizzeria distinguishes themselves from the rest, at least menu-wise, with an anti-war message on their menu — a message which occurs on more than one page!

So, we salute you, 13th Street Pizzeria. Not only do you have super late delivery hours, you also made our day just that much better, both by putting something distracting and notable on your menu, and by having that something be a message we can get behind.

13th Street Pizzeria [MenuPages]


The Politics Of Pizza