The Monday Report: September Song

We thought by mid-September we’d be done sweating bullets and attempting to tame our frizzy hair. Guess not!


Bay Village: Erbulace, a new Italian restaurant, will fill the space where Dedo previously lived. The restaurant’s name tells us the cuisine will be Northern Italian. Thanks, Google. [Chowhound]


Allston: Aneka Rasa Malaysian Cuisine has shut down, and fans are blaming the bad location for the closing. A Korean restaurant will take over the space. Yes, another Korean restaurant in Allston. [Chowhound]

Somerville: Sabor de Brasil has closed down. Word on the web is a new restaurant specializing in Haitian food, named “Somerville Cuisine” is going in. What a creative restaurant name. [Chowhound]

[Photo: Tourism Junction]

The Monday Report: September Song