The Monday Report (on Tuesday): Fruits Of Your Labor

Lucky enough to spend the long weekend somewhere luxurious? Let’s hope you weren’t rewarded with a giant traffic jam of city-dwellers trying to return home.


East Boston: Looks like Eastie goes a bit yuppie with a new restaurant that fuses Spanish tapas with traditional Italian food. There’s also a special section of the website devoted to martinis, so we’ll give them a big thumbs up. [Ecco Boston]

Leather District: Haven’t gotten your fill of the cuisine underage gymnasts are deprived of? Beijing Tokyo will be a new Japanese/Chinese restaurant on South Street. While we’re not sure the area really needs another Asian restaurant, we hear there’s another location in Kendall Square that is quite successful. [Chowhound]

South End: Looks like House of Siam will be opening a second location in Thai Village’s former location on Tremont. Rumor was that a Dunkin Donuts was coming in, but that was squashed when Rachael Ray wore another scarf that resembled a keffiyah. Kidding. [Boston Real Estate Blog]

Seaport: M.J. O’Conner’s Irish Pub will soon find another home in the Westin Waterfront. This harbor front location promises a menu with more delicious seafood options. Also, the Lenox Hotel’s City Bar will join in with a second location. [Boston Restaurant Talk]


North End: Paesan’s has closed down for good. Meaning “friend or buddy,” it looks like it’s time for Paesan’s to say goodbye, friends. [Chowhound]

[Photo: Cache Boston]

The Monday Report (on Tuesday): Fruits Of Your Labor