The Inquirer, Digested (09/18/2008)

Rick Nichols recaps a special session of the Dead Guys Wine Society, a decidedly accessible wine soiree in a warehouse in Camden.

• The Food Calendar is crammed with fun activities! Most of them take place outside of city limits, but don’t let geography stop you from attending such delights as the Cape May Food & Wine Festival (this Sunday) or the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail Harvest Festival (last weekend of September and first weekend of October).

• Sarah Palin’s moose-eatin’ ways have been getting a lot of press, and Dianna Marder searches for information about this wild meat. From it, we find out that selling moose meat is illegal, so if you’ve been itching to try some, you will need to befriend a hunter.

• This week’s Table Talk reveals the logic behind the naming of Twelves Grill (owners Tim and Kristin Smith have birthdays and anniversaries on 12ths), and gives an overview of some September and October openings. Folks, there is a lot to look forward to.


The Inquirer, Digested (09/18/2008)