The Inquirer, Digested

• An incredibly compelling, article from Diana Marder on female chefs. She interviews Jennifer Carroll (10 Arts), Luciana Spurio (Le Virtu), Marcie Turney (Bindi), Alison Barshak (Alison), Ane Ormaechea (Cafe Apamate), and Erin O’Shea (Marigold Kitchen). The paucity of top female chefs is something that we’re always curious about, given how women are traditionally more closely associated with the kitchen then men are — and this is certainly still true in most domestic settings.

MarketBasket points us to chocolate scrapple, Blue Water coffee, and insulation bags from Whole Foods.

Cafe Fulya has crossed Craig LaBan’s radar and should perhaps be on all of ours. A cozy Turkish eatery, “it’s a nice spot for strong Turkish coffee and buttery baklava or a caramelized milk pudding that melts away like a custard cloud.”

Never afraid to be servicey: Diana Marder is looking for reader input from those who have taken cooking classes.


The Inquirer, Digested