The Citrus Club

We went to the Citrus Club on Haight for the first time on Friday night.

We had one of the night’s specials: wok prepared beef and broccoli with water chestnuts and spinach noodles. It was pretty good—the beef was a bit tough, but the spinach noodles were fun (yay green food) and garlicky. In all honesty, we ate every last piece of food on our plate prompting our server to comment, “you were hungry” when she came around to clear the table. Clearly, our meal was satisfactory. Our only real complaint besides the beef was the $3 iced tea. Not sure why, but it seemed a bit steep for mildly flavored water.

Ultimately, we think the Citrus Club makes for a good first date spot; it’s cozy, the lighting is dim (therefor flattering) and the food is fairly inexpensive so you don’t feel bad if the date ends with the check. If you’re lucky enough to be removed from the San Francisco dating scene, it’s also a good place to go when you’re on Haight in search of a reasonable sit down option that doesn’t have the bustle of Cha Cha Cha or the price tag of The Alembic. The only problem is because the Citrus Club is so small we’ve been warned that there is often a wait—patrons were queued in a lengthy elementary school straight line along the wall of the entrance just moments after we sat down a little after 6:30 p.m. and it showed no sign of ebbing upon our exit an hour later.

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[Photo: Via Randy Stewart/Flickr]

The Citrus Club