The Chronicle Over Coffee

Welcome to your morning coffee-time roundup of the Chronicle’s food section. As always, we’ll give you the weeklies over your afternoon coffee break. Meanwhile, let’s dig in, shall we? It’s a fat one today…

• There’s a big profile of Michael Saus, the “guru of artisan bread,” but what’s with the blind item in the lede? Just in case you don’t have the career of every single Bay Area food person memorized, Chad Robertson started Bay Village Bakery in Pt. Reyes. [The Breadmakers’ Guru]

• Stacy Finz shares some Sephardic family recipes just in time for Rosh Hashana. [Kick off Rosh Hashanah with Sephardic savories]

• Marion Nestle gives us the skinny on corn syrup, how it’s made, and how it affects you as opposed to sugar or honey. [The facts about corn sweetener]

• We get a roundup of upcoming food and wine-based fundraisers. [Food & Wine benefits]

• After a year of construction, Andronico’s finally reopens in the Sunset District. [Reopening: Andronico’s in San Francisco]

• And, finally, a chef (and wine-director) shuffle at Bacar, renovations in the pipe for the Stanford Court Hotel and Couleur Cafe. [Inside Scoop]

The Chronicle Over Coffee