The Chronicle Over Coffee

Welcome back to the long-suspended Chronicle Over Coffee, our weekly glance at the Chron’s food section. There’s been some behind-the-scenes shuffling around here, and a few of our regular features were lost in the fray for a while, but all is well now, and we’ve even made some improvements — note how the coffee cup graphic is over on the right side. Talk about progress!

• The lead story gives squid a lot of ink as a sustainable seafood. [Secrets of squid]

Palencia chef Drey Roxas cooks Filipino street food at home. [Chef’s Night In]

• A review of the new book Pet Food Politics, which hits notes with humans, as well. [What’s New]

• Amanda Gold gives it up for L’ardoise. [L’Ardoise bistro a neighborhood gem]

• And Inside Scoop takes a look at Orson’s re-tooling, Modern Tea’s metamorphosis, and chef shuffling. [Inside Scoop]

The Chronicle Over Coffee