The Chronicle Over Cocktails

Just in time for happy hour today, here’s our Friday roundup of the San Francisco Chronicle’s wine section. Have a good weekend!

• Chronicle wine editor Jon Bonne comes to the defense of Chardonnay. Well, a little bit, anyway. [Vintners showcase Chardonnay at its best]

• Keeping with the theme, Selections gives us a primer on local 2006 Chardonnays. [Napa Valley & Carneros Chardonnay]

#8226; Pairings offers a neato-sounding version of a shrimp quesadilla to go with all those light whites. [Chardonnay-friendly tweak for a Mexican favorite]

#&8226; The cheese course introduces us to an approachable, not-too-stinky blue cheese it describes as a “starter” blue — and breaks ranks by not mentioning Chardonnay. [Meet Peñacorada - a starter blue from Spain]

#&8226; Finally, while not exactly Chardonnay-hyping, Gary Regan does feature a white wine in The Cocktailian. [Good wine needs a good drink]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails