The Audacity Of Hops

For politically oriented drink marketing, everything comes down to a name.

Serious Eats reports today on a little-known Chilean wine sold in San Francisco that has taken a severe dip in popularity since the complete GOP ticket was announced. The name of the maligned red: Palin Syrah.

“It was our best selling wine before (the V.P. announcement),” said Chris Tavelli, owner of Yield Wine Bar, which has offered Palin Syrah, a certified organic wine from Chile, by the glass since July. But after Sen. John McCain tagged Sarah Palin as his running mate, sales of the wine with the conservative’s inverted name plummeted—not surprising in famously liberal San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn, New York, brewer Six Point Craft Ales has cashed in on exactly the same kind of name recognition in reverse. In March, they created Hop Obama, an ale described by Beer Advocate as “highly drinkable beer with a big malt background and an “Obama” of hops that imparts floral and citrus notes with just a hint of spiciness.” The beer seems to be doing well, popping up on taps across the politically blue borough.

McCain has his own link to the wonderful world of alcoholic beverages through his wife, Cindy McCain, whose family fortune comes, in part, from domestic beer behemoth Budweiser.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, will have to sit this round out. Word is, he’s a teetotaler.

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[Photo: Via Appellation Wine And Spirits]

The Audacity Of Hops