TGIF: Weekend Redolent With Festivals

• One of our favorite parks in the city, Penn Treaty Park, is the site of the River City Festival this Saturday. The fete runs from 9am until 6pm, and will feature “fun, food, entertainment and memories for everyone.” There will also be a race, wholesome activities for the whole family, and eats from the Memphis Taproom, Hot Potato Cafe, other local restaurants, and barbecue. Sounds like a pretty ideal way to while away your Saturday.

• Also on Saturday is the 13th Annual Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival. The street fair part of the day runs from 1pm-5pm, and from 6pm-on, there will be (among other things) a lion parade and stage perfomances.

• On Sunday, we suggest you mosey on over to Jenkintown for the Jenkintown Jazz and Brewfest. The smooth jazz stylings are totally free, but the food/drink portion is not. However, a mere $25 gets you a whole mess of barbecue. Oh, right… and beer too. Plus, it’s a fundraiser for the Jenkintown Community Alliance, so while you scarf down good food and guzzle terrific beers, you can also pat yourself on the back for your philantrhopy.

• Hark! Sunday also signals the beginning of Center City Restaurant Week. It’s too late for reservations at the most popular and/or celebrated participating, but there are plenty of other great restaurants to try out.

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TGIF: Weekend Redolent With Festivals