Swiss Chef Crosses The Line, Probably!

Oftentimes, the use of a fanciful or unusual ingredient makes our pulse race in excitement and fills our mind with all of the possible ways to incorporate this new element into foods. Not so with the article in the Times UK about Swiss chef, Hans Locher!

You see, the inventive new ingredient that Locher has been experimenting with (and seeks to incorporate on the menu for his restaurant) is human milk. Yes. In case you are not already feeling squeamish, let us reiterate: human milk. For the curious, sample dishes include breast milk lamb curry and antelope steak with chantarelle sauce with breast milk and cognac. In case you were wondering where the milk came from, he began crafting these dishes after the birth of his daughter, so the dots are fairly easy to connect.

He then put out an ad for donors, “who were promised the equivalent of about €10 […] for a litre of milk,” which frankly, just does not seem like enough. Unfortunately for Locher, Swiss authorities did not respond very positively to this, and Locher will find himself in a bit of a pickle if he chooses to go through with his human milk menu.

As far as inspiration, we have it from the mouth of the man himself. Says Locher:

The idea first came to me when I noticed that there were many young mothers in our village, some of them single. I thought to myself: why not make use of their potential? I served the meals to my friends without telling them about the new ingredient and the feedback was excellent.

Says this writer: we often think of all the things that we would love to eat, and pat ourselves on the back when memes like the Omnivore’s Hundred make the rounds. The line needs to be drawn somewhere though and as far as we’re concerned, human breast milk is a pretty good place to start. Disagree? Think that this would be an excellent notch to add to your omnivore’s bedpost?

“Gourmet Hans Locher cooks up trouble with human milk recipes” [Times Online]

[Photo: via Tubes./Flickr]

Swiss Chef Crosses The Line, Probably!