Straight To The Banq

We’ve been obsessed with bank robbery films since our young teenage years. We even dressed as notorious bank robber Bonnie Parker for Halloween a few years back. And of course, there’s always Patrick Swayze as the outlaw surfer trying to stick it to the man by robbing banks in a Nixon mask in Point Break. Fact is, we’ve always found banks alluring. So when we heard a new restaurant named Banq went into the architecturally stunning, former bank building on Washington Street, we knew we had to try it out.

Walking into Banq is truly a feast for the eyes. The ceiling is more like a piece of installation art than something to keep the roof in place. It resembles the insides of a grand piano flipped upside down. The bar area is perfect for grabbing a cocktail with friends. For a twist on a classic drink, order the sangria. It’s a fruity mix of white wine, peach puree, nectarines with apricot brandy, and orange blossom water. However, Banq isn’t simply for drinkers. The restaurant describes its cuisine as contemporary French with Southeast Asian flair. An example would be the luscious pan-seared yellow back flounder served over jasmine rice and ginger pilaf, accompanied by coconut brie fondue. If that’s not a French-Asian fusion, we don’t know what is.

So while you won’t find any tellers at Banq (or robbers, for that matter), you will find delicious food and cocktails to unwind with. You can surely bank on that.

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[Photo: Archpaper]

Straight To The Banq